Thursday, November 1, 2012

Making a hill and a road

Well I am in the process of connecting my main street to the rest of the world. I have had a bridge to no where for quite a while on the layout. Some time ago, I made the hill that will carry the road from town up and over the bridge. I have now completed the forming of the hill and partially completed the road to the bridge.

The process that I used was to stack layers of floral styrafoam up to get close to the road level of the bridge. Then I glues them together and begin to shape the hill with a knife. I then glued the hill in place with hot glue. To round out the hill, I took news paper and balled up and glued with hot glue around the hill. Next step was to cut strips of plaster cloth into about 12 inch strips. I layered the strips on the hill. The final step was to mix up a bowl of plaster and fill in some low spots and begin to connect the roads together.
In the photos you can see the process, the only item left to do is connect the lanes together. In town, the lanes are separated and flow of traffic is on one way streets down main street.