Monday, October 8, 2012

Video Layout Tour

Ok well this is the first of many (hopefully) videos that I hope to post about the progression of my layout. I know that there are many different styles and what not that people use. I do not have a real video camera so I make use of the HD video that is on the point and shoot camera that I have.
The ending is a little goofed up and don't really have much of a video editor other than what came on the laptop. So if any of you know of a simple, easy to use free version, by all means please let me know about it. It didn't save in a mpeg format and took forever to upload. ( that i didn't like at all )
Well enough of me rambling on and off to my first ever video production with me in it.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Completed Structures

Since returning home, I have completed two of the structures that have been sitting on my work table. I thought that I would show them to you all out there as a primer of the things that are to come. I will be updating the blog a lot more frequently now that I am finally home and able to complete tasks relating to modeling.
The first series of photos are of a laser kit. The style is known as a shotgun house. Then the next structure is a Central of Georgia style C depot that I have completed as well. It was a laser kit as well.
Hope that you enjoy!