Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Work completed while home on leave from Kosovo

Here are the progress shots on some of the work that I did while I was at home on leave. These shots do not represent all the work that I did. But most of it.

Shelf installed under layout for DCC system and future DCC items that should be grouped together as much as possible. And throttle hook up placed on fascia.

CG unit wife purchased for my Christmas present, also installed a decoder in it

Loading dock by Blair Line, parts from 3 kits combined into one model. Still need to plan and work that small scene once town area progress more.

One of the few downtown Griffin stores now in a "completed for now" stage, there are future detail upgrades in the future. mainly working on getting the many models to a stage of "complete" so to get the scene finished and move to another.

a "shotgun" house under construction, used a paint and stain method for the weathering, then used a mechanical pencil to darken the area between the boards. with the aid of the camera, I see some missed areas. But when set on the layout and scenery placed around it, should not be able to notice that error.

Then not pictured is a depot that I have been working on and off again for some time, installed the bay window, roof and applied roofing material to just under half of the roof.

Hope that you all enjoy the photos. As we all know I did more fiddling around with the trains then I did work I suppose. But once I am complete here and get home then I intend to do less train running and more working on the layout.