Saturday, December 8, 2012

Some Glue is Still Wet.....

Well some of the glue is still drying from my tree planting party I had today. Here is the latest batch of the updated photos of the work I have completed. Hope that you all enjoy.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Here is a video update of the latest progress on the layout.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Well as of late, I have been busy working and doing family things and not completed much time on the layout. But I have completed the segment of the road that is part of the section that I am working to get semi complete soon as possible. In the following photos, you will see that I have painted my side walk and got the road completed. In the last photo, you can see a rather large gap between the road and the tracks, still undecided as to what I am going to do to that area. I may leave it open or drop some buildings in it. There are some other areas that are in the same undecided stage. But the next step is to mix up the India ink wash and "pave" the roads and get side walks installed and "plant" the buildings.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Making a hill and a road

Well I am in the process of connecting my main street to the rest of the world. I have had a bridge to no where for quite a while on the layout. Some time ago, I made the hill that will carry the road from town up and over the bridge. I have now completed the forming of the hill and partially completed the road to the bridge.

The process that I used was to stack layers of floral styrafoam up to get close to the road level of the bridge. Then I glues them together and begin to shape the hill with a knife. I then glued the hill in place with hot glue. To round out the hill, I took news paper and balled up and glued with hot glue around the hill. Next step was to cut strips of plaster cloth into about 12 inch strips. I layered the strips on the hill. The final step was to mix up a bowl of plaster and fill in some low spots and begin to connect the roads together.
In the photos you can see the process, the only item left to do is connect the lanes together. In town, the lanes are separated and flow of traffic is on one way streets down main street.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Video Layout Tour

Ok well this is the first of many (hopefully) videos that I hope to post about the progression of my layout. I know that there are many different styles and what not that people use. I do not have a real video camera so I make use of the HD video that is on the point and shoot camera that I have.
The ending is a little goofed up and don't really have much of a video editor other than what came on the laptop. So if any of you know of a simple, easy to use free version, by all means please let me know about it. It didn't save in a mpeg format and took forever to upload. ( that i didn't like at all )
Well enough of me rambling on and off to my first ever video production with me in it.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Completed Structures

Since returning home, I have completed two of the structures that have been sitting on my work table. I thought that I would show them to you all out there as a primer of the things that are to come. I will be updating the blog a lot more frequently now that I am finally home and able to complete tasks relating to modeling.
The first series of photos are of a laser kit. The style is known as a shotgun house. Then the next structure is a Central of Georgia style C depot that I have completed as well. It was a laser kit as well.
Hope that you enjoy!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Work completed while home on leave from Kosovo

Here are the progress shots on some of the work that I did while I was at home on leave. These shots do not represent all the work that I did. But most of it.

Shelf installed under layout for DCC system and future DCC items that should be grouped together as much as possible. And throttle hook up placed on fascia.

CG unit wife purchased for my Christmas present, also installed a decoder in it

Loading dock by Blair Line, parts from 3 kits combined into one model. Still need to plan and work that small scene once town area progress more.

One of the few downtown Griffin stores now in a "completed for now" stage, there are future detail upgrades in the future. mainly working on getting the many models to a stage of "complete" so to get the scene finished and move to another.

a "shotgun" house under construction, used a paint and stain method for the weathering, then used a mechanical pencil to darken the area between the boards. with the aid of the camera, I see some missed areas. But when set on the layout and scenery placed around it, should not be able to notice that error.

Then not pictured is a depot that I have been working on and off again for some time, installed the bay window, roof and applied roofing material to just under half of the roof.

Hope that you all enjoy the photos. As we all know I did more fiddling around with the trains then I did work I suppose. But once I am complete here and get home then I intend to do less train running and more working on the layout.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Older Photos

I was looking at some of my modeling photos that I have here with me on the computer and I thought that I would share some of the photos with you. These photos show the various stages of work that has been completed on the layout since I started it. Some of the photos on this post do not represent the current state of the progress. Once I return home on leave, I will take some more photos that show the current state of the layout as it is now. I know that you may think that some of the scenery colors stand out here in the photos and yes that is true, but when when viewed with the layout lighting on and in person, all the colors have a natural looking blend with each other.
I have also purchased a static grass applicator and looking forawrd to learning to use that to add to the scenic effects of the layout, showing the deep country south in the summer time.