Thursday, March 10, 2011

Photos of the N layout

Here are some photos of work that has been completed when I am at home and time to get some work done.

 This is a shot showing the future river area. To the back middle right of the photo, you can see part of a hill that I have added.

I had the building done for a while as well as the sign frame. I painted the sign frame with a black sharpie marker as it is a laser wood kit. Soaked the ink right in and no extra work required on that. I then added the letters from that kit as well and painted them with acrylic craft paint. The scene will look much better once it is completed.
Toggle switches added in to cut track power for the staging yard tracks. Have considered doing the same to the "main" as well but undecided at this time if I will turn all three tracks into main line staging with power cut off toggles.

This is a hill a build using floral foam. I still need to add a coat of plaster over it as it is more porous then the pink foam board. It was easy to cut into shape and was cheap. There will not be a lot of trees here so the plaster will not hinder the scenery work. Still want to be able to see the trains as they pass behind the hill. This was done so to breakup the flat corner of the layout. Think that once the scenery starts to go in it will greatly add to the overall scene here.