Sunday, June 13, 2010


I thought that since I am in the process of building my layout, I would share the progress with all that wanted to see. I will try to post updates as I can as I make progress. This will be a slow process here until I learn how this site works.

Currently the layout has all the track laid and operational. The main method of train control for the current time is DC. I will be converting the locomotives to DCC as time and money permit. As the layout was built, it was pre-wired for DCC operation. I do not get into all the blocks and such for the wiring so it is basically all one block. The layout is designed for up two crews to operate the layout. It can be operated easily by two, one man crews. Others can join in on the fun by either taking the engineer or conductor job duties.
The layout is set up as a continuous run but the towns and work is set up for point to point operation. During operation sessions, it will be loosely set up on time table operations. For switching, it will be replace like cars at worked industries. I am going to keep it simple and will slowly work in some form of car card system.

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